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If You Need Help With Productivity You Should Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

A recent survey of the 3,500-member National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) indicated that consumers are struggling to balance work and home life now more than ever, and would eagerly sign up for help, and even hire an in-home productivity coach.

NAPO’s five-question quiz shows how a productivity coach can help with home organizing.

1. Are you always searching for new ways to get organized or be more productive? 

If you are searching for ways to get organized and be more productive, sometimes an outside perspective can really help. Everyone’s brain works a bit differently, and what worked for a colleague may not be for you. Like a personal trainer creating a personalized workout regimen, productivity consultants understand the psychology around individual challenges, have knowledge about products and methodologies, and create customized solutions for each person. 

2. Are you paralyzed by this feeling of being overwhelmed? 

Feeling overwhelmed is a huge obstacle to getting started on any project.  A professional can help you identify your end goals and the steps to get you there. Tackling each part in small impactful pieces will move you forward.  

3. Are you having trouble maintaining focus? 

Distractions are abundant in our workspaces, especially now that millions have to work from home for the foreseeable future. Communication has become an even bigger challenge, adding even more noise to increased instant messaging, texting, and emails, and preventing us from staying focused on our most important work. Professionals understand and apply strategies to help their clients tackle distractions.  

4. Are you struggling to balance all of your work and personal tasks?

The lines are blurry these days. It’s so easy to do work in the evening and play with your dog during the day. Pros help provide structure to your days, weeks, and months so you stay on task and get the important stuff done. Importantly, they help you identify times to connect and times to focus and help set healthy boundaries to establish both work and personal time.  

5. Are you procrastinating things that you know are a priority? 

Procrastination is an easy thing to fall into, especially when all of our days feel the same (Blursday anyone?). There’s not a lot of urgency to get some stuff done. Hire someone who can be your accountability partner. When you schedule with them, you’ll focus on the work you’ve been putting off. A coach helps you through the barriers to get things done.

Exploring what is making your life chaotic is the first step toward finding a solution. 

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