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Jamie Lynn Sigler Is Putting Personal Touches on Her New Austin Home

Photo: Courtesy of Jamie Lynn Sigler

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 inspired many to re-evaluate their priorities, including “Sopranos” actor Jamie Lynn Sigler. 

After a chaotic year, the 39-year-old actress moved her family from glamorous Los Angeles to the lower-key streets of Austin, Texas, where they intend to set down roots.

“Austin has always been a city we have loved,” Sigler said. “The people are kind, driven, authentic, helpful, creative — put that all together with Texas’s gorgeous hill country and backdrop, and who wouldn’t want to live here?”

The move gave Sigler’s family space to thrive and, one day, entertain guests. “The outside of this house is what really sealed the deal for us,” Sigler explained. “The expansive views and room to play and entertain was at the top of our list.” 

Moving into a new home during a pandemic hasn’t been without its challenges. For example, Sigler and her family first saw their new home via FaceTime with their realtors — Brett and Kara Phillips of High Street Homes — and had only one in-person visit to the space. “Because of COVID, there isn’t really an opportunity to have multiple visits,” Sigler said. “You have to trust others and your own intuition.” 

During the renovation and decorating stages, Sigler leaned on interior designer Erin Fetherston. For instance, the designer visited Sigler’s LA home to identify pieces that likely would and wouldn’t fit in their new home. That way, Sigler said, “we could sell some things and not bring them all the way to Texas.”

Sigler’s vision for the new family home was to marry the space’s traditional Spanish style with a laidback California cool attitude. “I love warm tones, cozy furniture, and crisp, white walls, so it was about adding those touches to this beautiful palate we were given by the previous owners,” Sigler explained. 

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