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The Importance of an Air Purifier All Year Round

Aroma International’s David Svec answers all your burning questions about when and why to buy a home air purifier. 

David Svec

National Sales Director, Aroma International, LT

What are some signs that you need to invest in an air purifier?

If you suffer from asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory condition that could be worsened by airborne particles, an air purifier may provide you with some relief. Air purifiers are especially important in these households because they quickly and quietly clear allergens and other particles, effectively remove odor, pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, and almost all other pollutants present in the air. Without an air purifier, houses collect lots of dust and germs, which can lead to health problems. Furthermore, anti-microbial filters are sometimes found in air purifiers and can eliminate almost all germs and bacteria and inhibit growth of micro-organisms on the filter.

How is an air purifier helpful during the spring season?  

Springtime ushers in a welcome time for most of us to open our windows. Unfortunately, we’re inviting those spring allergens into our space. I’m always amazed when I see a beam of sunlight comes through the window, and see all of the dust, pollen, and other airborne debris floating around in my kitchen. I wish that those particles would subside in a couple of weeks, but they last through the summer with the addition of molds, and increase again in the fall, when leaves drop and harvests stir everything up.  Almost every season is allergy season.  

As most of us try to make our homes more comfortable, safe, and healthy for ourselves and our families, let’s not forget about that one invisible thing in every space where we live, but tend to take for granted;  the very air we breathe! Consider a quality air purifier for the rooms where you do most of your living.  

What are some factors to consider when buying an air purifier?

  • Make sure the unit is rated to handle the size of the room it is intended to be used in. Pro-tip: a larger-rated unit can be run at a lower speed, which is quieter than a right-sized unit running wide open.
  • True HEPA and carbon filters may sound like tech-y overkill, but without those, you only have a fan. Remember, true HEPA deals with actual particles (really, really small ones down to 0.1 micron), and carbon treats odors from gases that true HEPA can’t capture. 
  • If you can manage it, buy at least one replacement filter for units where periodic replacement is recommended.  Clean filter means clean air.
  • Some features that might make sense for your situation include  air quality monitoring, and electronic speed control. Night light and sleep mode, and even Wi-Fi controls are available.  Console units tend to have larger capacities, while tower designs take up less floor space.    
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