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“Trading Spaces” Star Paige Davis Offers Tips on Decorating During the Pandemic

Photos: Courtesy of Nathan Johnson

COVID-19 has deprived us of many things during the past year, but giving your digs a new look doesn’t have to be one of them. In fact, it’s almost a necessity, according to “Trading Spaces” star Paige Davis.

“For many of us, our homes have become the place we do everything. Our homes have become our workplaces, our schools, our gyms, our movie theaters, our restaurants, all while having to be our escape and our respite too. That’s a tall order for even the happiest of homes,” Davis said. 

She explained that physical boundaries can help create mental order.

“Allocating and delineating spaces creates structure and can generate balance. Separation between work and play and rest will hopefully lead to a sense of serenity in what is currently a very chaotic time.”

It’s okay to be frugal

If you’re keeping a close eye on your finances these days, you can still change your decor without opening your wallet.

“Don’t spend any money,” Davis advised. “Redistribute what you already have. Rearrange the furniture, trade things between rooms. I once did a full redo on a friend’s apartment without spending a dime. It’s mind-blowing what a difference can be made by just shuffling things around. Try it. You’ll see.”

If you do choose to invest in paint, new fabrics, or maybe updated fixtures, plan ahead. Davis explained that a budget can help you narrow your choices, stay within a framework, and achieve your goals more efficiently. 

Scour for treasures

Don’t feel you’re limited to ordering online or driving to the mall. Davis said yard sales, flea markets, and estate sales are filled with possibilities when performing a makeover on your home.

“All these resources allow you to find items with history and character that may inspire your space and make it unique. Always be on the lookout for one-of-a-kind items you would be hard-pressed to find at a chain retailer,” said Davis.  

Embrace change

If you’re hesitant to shake things up, take baby steps.

“Variety is actually a human need,” Davis pointed out. “Change is motion. Staying the same keeps you stuck. Even the teeniest switcharoo in home decor can ignite a flame in your belly that gets you to accomplish something that’s been miring you down. I really believe that.”

And you don’t have to hire a professional.

“Most anything can be done DIY these days, because you can look up how to do virtually anything on YouTube,” said Davis. “And home improvement stores are so prevalent in most parts of our country, too. I’d stay clear of doing anything involving rewiring electricity, though.”

Tap into your creative side

Inspiration is all around,” said Davis. “Color palette ideas can be found all over nature. Ever wonder if purple and green will work together? Check out the hues inside an artichoke! If it works in nature it’ll work in your home.”

Davis also believes it’s important to slow down the pace when making changes around the home.

“Considering my interest in interior design was accelerated when hosting a home improvement show with a pressure-filled time limit built into the format — the biggest, most useful advice I know of is to take your time,” Davis shared. “Don’t be in a rush to finish a room. Let the pieces reveal themselves to you over the course of living in your space. Refrain from doing the matchy-matchy thing.”

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