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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Hot Dog This Summer

Hot dogs are a summer grilling staple, but this year be more adventurous with unique toppings for your hot dog repetoire. Here are 10 on-trend toppings that will bring everyone’s backyard barbecue favorite up a notch.

1. Bacon

Everything is better with bacon, and a juicy hot dog is no exception. Wrap it around the dog before grilling or crumble it as a crispy topping. Add tomato and ditch the bun for a lettuce wrap and you have yourself a glorious BLT hot dog.

2. Hoisin BBQ sauce

Bring on the heat — combine hoison, barbecue sauce and sriracha for a sauce that will add layers of flavor (and spice) to your dog.

3. Pulled pork

Double the meat, double the flavor. Upgrade your hot dog with barbecued pulled pork. Don’t forget to add extra BBQ sauce or a tangy slaw for a flavor boost.

4. Fried egg

Fried eggs have become a must-have burger topping, but add it to a hot dog alongside bacon and a slice of melted cheese for an inventive breakfast hot dog.

5. Guacamole and salsa

No matter the variation, add some salsa and guacamole to your dog for a tasty twist.

6. Spicy pickle relish

What’s better than a hot dog? A homemade one. Make your own kebab dog with ground pork, then top it with spicy pickle relish for a summertime grilling home run.

7. Chili

Sprinkle your classic chili dog with cheddar cheese, onions and corn chips.

8. Ham

Create a Cubano-inspired hot dog by topping it with flavorful ham, green chiles, raspberry jelly, Chinese mustard, pickle relish and swiss cheese.

9. Mac and cheese

You’re already eating it as a side; Why not add it atop the main course? Sprinkle parsley for a pop of color.

10. Chips

Jalapeñosalt and vinegar, BBQ and more — your favorite potato chips will add some crunch to your juicy hot dog. And don’t forget the dips; The flavor combinations are endless.

Can’t choose between these delicious garnishes? Try creating a toppings bar so your guests can mix and match to their hearts’ desire and make their ultimate hot dog.

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