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Insulate Your Home From Unwanted Noises

We all know how much stress the rumble and roar of daily life can put on our lives and our relationships. Making sure home is a welcome retreat can make all the difference to how we feel about ourselves and relate to one another.

By reducing unwanted noise and maximizing comfort, SANCTUARY® Insulation by Greenfiber® can help bring life into balance.

The spaces we insulate and live in all have unique sounds. Bedrooms may have big windows, vaulted ceilings, and under-insulated walls. They may be sealed off from the outside, and people may think that they are quiet. Are they? 

Where air flows, sound follows. SANCTUARY® insulation is engineered to fill the tiny joints, crevices, and gaps hidden within your attic, walls, floors, and ceilings. Highly effective as sound insulation, it serves as a scientifically advanced barrier capable of muffling sounds that typically infiltrate and reverberate through our homes. Proven to reduce the power of sound by up to 60 percent, SANCTUARY® is specifically designed to keep the racket of the outside world out and ensure that our most private spaces remain private.

SANCTUARY® insulation also makes it easier to regulate temperature from floor to floor and room to room.  When the temperature inside your home is equalized, your body doesn’t need to adjust as you move from one room to the next. Not having to react as you move through your home means your body will more easily reach and maintain a relaxed state of equilibrium. And therefore, so will you.

You can also enjoy peace of mind with advanced fire protection because SANCTUARY® contains active fire-resistant materials and is better at resisting fire than most other common types of residential insulation, making it the best choice to protect you and your family.

With SANCTUARY® comes a greater, lasting sense of well-being. Imagine what that can mean to you and your family.

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