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4 Facts About Tires Every Teen Should Know for Safe Driving This Summer

Summer is here and that means that many teens are getting ready to drive, making it important to help your teen drivers prepare before they get behind the wheel. When it comes to driving safely, we think that encouraging your teens to know their numbers for tire safety is a great first step.

1. Tread depth

Sufficient tread depth can determine your vehicle’s safe stopping distance, especially in wet weather. You can check tire tread depth by sticking a penny with President Lincoln’s head upside down in a tread groove. If Lincoln’s head is visible, it’s time to replace the tires.

2. Air pressure

 Be sure that your teen drivers know not just how to check their air pressure, but also how to find the right air pressure for their vehicle. Vehicle air pressure can typically be found on the door panel or in the owner’s manual. Drivers can also visit Discount Tire or America’s Tire to take advantage of their free tire safety inspections, where they’ll check your tire air pressure and tread depth free of charge. Drivers can also visit tires.com for tire safety tips.

3. Tire rotations

Tires should be rotated every 6,000-8,000 miles to avoid uneven or irregular tread wear.

4. Tire age

We recommend replacing your tires at 6 years, because risk of tire failure increases as they age.

Be sure to remind your teen drivers to check their trunk and make sure that they have something to use in case of a flat tire. Many newer vehicles no longer come equipped with a spare tire, opting instead for run flat tires or tire inflation kits that come with puncture-coating sealants and air compressors. Teen drivers should be sure to know what supplies their vehicle comes with and how to use those supplies. It’s a good idea to help guide your teen through changing their tire or using the inflation kit. Knowing your numbers for tire safety will help you and your teens feel confident when hitting the road.

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