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Ayesha Curry on Why Families Should Prioritize Breakfast

Photo: Courtesy of Ayesha Curry

Actress and celebrity chef Ayesha Curry answers questions about prioritizing breakfast and adding organic ingredients to a child’s diet

Why do you think it’s so important for families to make breakfast a priority?

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It starts your day off on a healthy kick and provides energy and essential nutrients that can help boost your concentration and memory throughout the day. 

What’s the best thing about sitting down and enjoying breakfast with your family?

The best thing is knowing that I’m promoting healthy eating habits in my family. It’s our time to converse before we spend most of our day apart at school and work. And with my kids each being so unique, the conversation could be about anything. I love that.

Is having a protein-packed breakfast important for you and your family to start the day?

Protein, fruit and veggies are a big part of our morning breakfast routine. They love to have eggs, fruit, smoothies, muffins and anything else I throw their way.

Do you incorporate any organic or vegan ingredients to your morning meals?

Buying organic foods is very important to my family due to the peace of mind that comes with knowing that my food doesn’t have any pesticides, fertilizers or additives in them. My kids get packed organic fruit and vegetables every day. It’s probably their favorite thing to snack on at home or school.

What would you recommend for families with no time to sit for breakfast in the mornings?

Plan ahead. You can fix breakfast the night before. Whether it be pre-slicing some fruit up to go with a bowl of cereal, baking muffins or making a breakfast casserole — those small things can give you that well-deserved family time before you start your day.

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