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Rebel Recipes’ Niki Webster Shares Some Easy Plant-Based Breakfasts for the Whole Family

Photo: Courtesy of Niki Wbester/ @RebelRecipes

British blogger Niki Webster of calls herself a passionate foodie. She’s been in the kitchen making vegetarian and vegan dishes since she was a teen.

She loves plant-based cooking and says, despite misconceptions, it’s not bland.

“You do need to plan a little bit and make sure you have plenty of fresh vegetables, spices, and a good store cupboard,” she says. “You can then make delicious meals really easily.”

Read on as the author of “The Rebel Recipes: Maximum Flavour, Minimum Fuss: The Ultimate in Vegan Food,” shares her insights into starting the day with a delicious and nutritious plant-based meal.

You believe healthy food shouldn’t be boring. How can healthy breakfasts be interesting and exciting to make and eat?

If you start seeing it as another opportunity to eat something amazing, I think that helps people get out of the just-grabbing-anything mindset. 

Even if it’s something quick like oats, you can make it much more delicious with toppings. 

Anything from nut butters, tahini, compotes, etc., or using spices. 

Toast is also great but think about having more savory breakfasts. I always have a range of dips, such as hummus, plant-based cheeses, which you can then top with roasted or fresh vegetables and toasted seeds, etc. 

What do you love about plant-based meals, especially breakfast?

Breakfast is my favorite meal, but I think it gets overlooked and not really thought about that much with people just opting for cereals or toast. That’s fine, but you can make it so much more exciting and nutritious with a little bit more effort.

What are some plant-based breakfasts that are easy to make? Why do you like these recipes? 

Overnight oats is always a winner — ready-made, filling, and delicious. In winter, warming porridge is perfect. I love to make healthy breakfast bars and cookies, healthy and portable. 

And toast is always delicious. You can make your own soda bread really easily.  

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