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Why More Families Are Eating Vegan

It is increasingly the case: whoever you are, wherever you are, whenever, and for whatever reason, families and individuals are selecting the vegan option.

How? Because more people are wanting it, doing it. Companies are providing it. Food innovators are creating it.

Why? Because people are trying vegan and liking it. They are feeling the benefits, realizing the values. 

At beauty shops, they are exchanging recipes for vegan cheese. At the auto shop, they are comparing vegan burgers.

If you love to cook and make meals from scratch, there are plenty of ingredients to find when you shop, lots of vegan cookbooks, a plethora of online recipes, and great cooking classes. You can even get help by subscribing to meal kits (all the ingredients, with recipes).

If you do not like to cook, you can find frozen vegan entrees, soups, and sides in the supermarket. There are also packaged, shelf-stable meals ready to microwave and serve — you can get them in stores or order them online. Entrepreneurs are offering freshly prepared meals custom-made just for you. 

For dining out, there are new vegan cafes and restaurants to patronize. When going to regular restaurants, the vegan sections in menus have exploded. With the advent of delivery services, these meals can arrive at your home or office door.

For birthday parties and celebrations, there are cakes to make or purchase.

Fast-food franchises have introduced veggie burgers, and Impossible and Beyond Meat alternatives to beef. Coffee shops offer soy, almond, and oat milks, and vegan baked goods.

Supply and demand

Consumer preferences have driven food-service companies to provide plant-forward, climate-healthy menus that lower greenhouse gas emissions. These initiatives mean that sports venues, colleges, schools, hospitals, and prisons are now offering familiar-style meals with the new plant alternatives to meat, hot dogs, fish, cheese, and eggs. 

Catering services have developed regionally inspired plant-powered bowls and platters. 

America’s favorite foods have appeared in vegan guise. Family traditions like German, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Ethiopian meals adapt very well and can be retained. 

Spice up family life and experience world cuisines in a way that can sustain the Earth. As more people share these meals, the easier it becomes. It’s something we can do that affects the viability of our planet.

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