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Winter May Be Warmer but Don’t Rule Out Snowstorms, Says NBC’s Dylan Dreyer

NBC’s Dylan Dreyer says this year’s La Niña will make for a predictably warmer winter.

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, co-host of NBC News’ 3rd Hour of TODAY, Weekend TODAY Weather Anchor, and Fill-in Weather Anchor for NBC News, says this winter’s predictions are a safe bet. “This year we have a pretty strong La Niña,” Dreyer said, referring to a weather pattern which blows warm water off the Pacific Ocean, bringing warmer weather. “It should most likely stay in place during the winter.”

This winter continues the trend of rising temperatures of the last five years. “This year the trend should be that the southern half of the United States should see above-average temperatures and dryer conditions, whereas the northern part of the country should see wetter-than-average conditions and colder temperatures,” Dreyer said.

But the warmer seasonal trend doesn’t rule out storms. “Just because it’s a trend, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a big snowstorm,” Dreyer said. “You should always check in on it because we’re constantly updating the models and we’re constantly giving you the forecast that takes in the most recent information.”

Dreyer, who lives in the northeast, is still hoping for some snow this holiday season. “I’m really hoping there’ll be a snowstorm or two,” she said. “There’s something special when you live in New York City and everything else is shut down. It’s very quiet and there’s not a lot of people around. You follow that up by coming inside and snuggling up in comfy clothes and getting hot chocolate.”

After a trying year, Dreyer is thankful for the downtime winter will bring this season. “Normally during a winter I’d be travelling around the country following the worst weather and I’d only be able to be home every so often as long as there weren’t any storms,” Dreyer said. “To be able to spend a winter home will be special.”

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