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Kayla Itsines Shares Some Tips on How You Can Jump-Start Your Fitness Routine

You might be wanting to start working out but may not be sure how to start. Australian personal trainer and fitness influencer Kayla Itsines has welcome news for anyone who’s hesitant: your journey doesn’t have to start in the gym.

“There are no rules around where or when is the best time,” said Itsines, 28, co-owner of the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) program and the Sweat app, where the program appears. “It is important that you are comfortable and confident in the space you work out in, and this may be at home in the lounge room or down at the local park.”

Still, where do you begin? Preparation, Itsines says, is critical.

“Gym or not, for anyone getting into fitness, I believe the most important part is having a plan,” she said. “Having a plan or program to guide you through a workout will provide you with purpose and can help with time wasting.”

Owning your workout

One of Itsines’ programs, “BBG Stronger,” focuses on guiding women in the gym, should you decide on that location for your sweat session. The new mom of one and partner to BBG co-founder Tobi Pearce offers resources that help women familiarize themselves with how popular pieces of gym equipment work and video instructions on how to use them. Not to mention, Itsines supplies sample workout routines with the equipment.

The goal is to educate her followers and decrease their feelings of fear or intimidation.

“Stepping in a gym for the first time can feel overwhelming. With so much equipment available to you, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start,” she said, adding that taking a tour of your gym first can help you get the lay of the land.

Itsines also recommends considering the commute to and from where you exercise a workout in and of itself — walking, running, or riding a bike counts!

“Small lifestyle habits like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or exercising while watching TV are other great ways to make time for daily fitness,” she said.

Changing your mindset

Equally key, enabling exercise isn’t possible without the right mindset, Itsines said. That’s why she advises setting realistic goals and celebrating the little wins as your routine gets underway.

“It’s important to remember that nothing good was completed overnight, and achieving your health and fitness goals are the same,” Itsines said. “Reaching your goals will take time, hard work, consistency, and determination. Everyone’s goals and journey will look different, so make sure you never compare your goals or results.”

Making exercise a priority and working your schedule around that movement is also critical for your success. After all, when you decide to exercise, you’re making a commitment to your health, not just your weight.

“Health and fitness stems far beyond your physical appearance — goals can also be of mind and soul,” Itsines said. “Be kind to yourself and don’t focus on what you did wrong but rather what you achieved that day.”

When you’re in need of support, turning to online resources, such as Instagram or a fitness community, can help you stay on track. In fact, Itsines says the BBG community is a source for her own inspiration.

“There are so many rewarding things about what I do, but I am always inspired by watching women feel strong and confident in themselves and their ability,” she said. It’s really amazing to connect with the BBG community and hear their stories, where they started and what lifestyle changes they have made to get to where they are now — women changing the perception of themselves both mentally and physically and being proud of their achievements.

“To watch women supporting each other and appreciating that each of their journeys are different is so special.”

Melinda Carter, [email protected]

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