To start off, what was the inspiration behind your new cookbook?

I wanted to create a scrapbook of memories through my recipes — something I could have for my family as well as share with everyone who has followed my journey.

What are some key ingredients that people forget when making breakfast?

I wouldn’t phrase it as ‘forgetting,’ but rather that I do things differently. For example, I always love to add milk to my eggs and a splash of vanilla-bean paste to my baked goods. For me, it is more about a well-balanced breakfast full of ingredients that get your mind and body ready for the day. So that’s adding greens when you can. Greens are good.

How do you incorporate whole grains for your family meals considering they’re an important part of a daily diet?
I try to always have a good grain as a side to our dinner or even incorporate it in the main dish itself, such as putting oats in my meatloaf.

Do you prioritize some breakfast foods over others to get your mornings going?
I love starting out our morning with a healthy green smoothie loaded with spinach and fruit. We also are big egg lovers, which provide great fat protein. 

Are there any alternative-protein foods you recommend for the readers to consider?

Beans, chia seeds, eggs, nuts, quinoa… the list is endless.