I'm the inventor of some popular sexual wellness products, and as a result, people are quite curious about what I do. The most common question, other than “How did you get into this profession?” is, “What advice can you give a first-time buyer?” Well, since you asked, here are some tips:  

When all the whistles may not ring your bells

Buying a sex toy no different than buying any other personal product, from clothing to perfume to body lotion.

There are many options out there, and almost all of them can suit someone’s particular needs. When it comes to sexual pleasure, subtle things can make a big difference in your experience. Critical things to assess are the functionality of the product, such as the shape, softness, motor functions and ease-of-use.  

I often say there are two classes of products — ones that you look at think, “Look at all the ridges, loops, bumps, stimulating antennae on that product it’s going to be amazing and it only cost $15.00?”  – I call this these busy looking items the “novelty” products. In my opinion the more gimmicky it is, the more disappointed you will probably be.   

Find “fun” in the functional

The other class is the “functional” products — these use better materials, have a simpler external appearance and usually have a feature — clearly described on the packaging — which is the basis of the design and material specification. You will pay more for a well-designed and well-made product. You will almost definitely have a better first-time experience.  

Regardless of what you buy and how much research you do for your first sex toy, I always warn first-time buyers to use this purchase as a starting point for determining what you may or may not like. You may love your first purchase, set realistic expectations, since buying your first toy involves some trial and error. From there, you can narrow down your selection to those that check all your boxes and ring your bells.


Buying a sex toy no different than buying any other personal product, from clothing to perfume to body lotion. You’ll want to try different designers, scents or formulas before deciding which one best suits your tastes and needs.

Finally, don’t be shy in the store. Talk to someone who understands the products, they will tell you things about it you would very likely never figure out on your own by just looking at the packaging.