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A Backyard Pool Is a Staycation Upgrade

Photo: Courtesy of Haley Phelps

The Chief Marketing Officer of home pool company Latham, Joel Culp, answers all our burning questions about installing an inground pool and creating a vacation resort right in your own backyard.

Joel Culp

Chief Marketing Officer, Latham

How can people decide which type of inground pool is best for them and their yard?

We have seen a tremendous interest by homeowners considering “staycations” as a result of the pandemic. Installing a pool in your backyard can provide the resort feeling, while enjoying all of the comforts of home. Choosing the pool that’s right for your family and backyard takes a bit of thought. You should consider things like how you’ll use your pool and what will fit best in your backyard. Fiberglass pools are strong, virtually maintenance free and can be installed in as little as one week. Vinyl liner pools provide unlimited design options and are always on trend because you replace the liner every eight to 10 years or sooner as your preferences change. But why wait years? Fashion changes constantly. Latham’s resource center provides a library or resources for homeowners ready to take the plunge into investing in a new pool. In fact, we have a blog article specifically focused on choosing the right pool that can be found here.

What are some safety precautions homeowners should take when installing an inground pool?

Always check with your local municipality to ensure that you are getting the right permits and complying with local building codes. Your Latham builder will help you through the entire process. Latham pools meet the International Code Council safety requirements when properly installed. We always recommend visiting the Pool and Hot Tub Association’s (PHTA) website for additional pool safety information, which you can find here

What is your advice for homeowners installing a pool with limited yard space?

Finding a pool that fits a small backyard and achieves the homeowner’s goals takes some research and a little bit of creativity. Fiberglass pools come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate any backyard. You can easily find a Latham fiberglass pool in a size and shape that will fit your backyard and style. We recently published a blog on this specific topic to provide homeowners with additional resources to help make that decision. You can find it here.

What are your top tips for first-time pool owners on how to take care of their new pool? What should they know before using it? 

First, enjoy your pool and get ready for a lot fun. Before you do, make sure to read the care and use guide for homeowners which details the steps to take that will ensure years of enjoyment from your pool. Our fiberglass pools come in more than 50 shapes and more than 20 colors. Combining shapes, colors, and water features gives homeowners the ability to truly customize a backyard and pool to meet their needs. You can even use our augmented reality app to visualize a pool in your backyard. Simply download it from the Apple App Store. 

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