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Starting Your Own Wildlife Food Plot

Photo: Courtesy of Scott Carroll

A wildlife food plot provides a supplementary food source for local wildlife like deer. Hunters interested in creating their own may have a few questions about getting started. President of Tecomate Wildlife Systems, Rob Fisher, answers. 

Rob Fisher

President, Tecomate Wildlife Systems

How does a food plot work?

Food plots are seed recipes that are designed for all seasons and for all climates. The food plots serve all sorts of purposes, from simply attracting and holding more deer, to helping the deer maximize their genetics which, of course, means bigger antlers and healthier deer. Food plots are not just for deer, though. There are recipes for turkey and other wild game as well. There are many mixes on the market so be sure to do your research into which ones have the products that fit your individual needs.

How big of an area do I need to get started?

Areas for food plots can range from small residential backyards to over 10,000 acre ranches. Food plot bags come in all weights and sizes. Find a company that makes it easy to figure out what you need regardless of the size of your property. If you have questions after reading up on what is available call the company directly to talk to an expert.

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