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A Q+A With “Bravolebrity” & Real Estate Virtuoso Josh Flagg

Photo: Courtesy of Jana Williams

We talked to Josh Flagg, the star of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing: LA” and Beverly Hills luxury real estate agent. Flagg discusses supporting LGTBQ+ people in the real estate industry, and how trusting your instincts can help you make it big in any industry. 

Why is it important to have representation in the real estate industry? Can you share the importance of relationships between a realtor and their clients?

It is important to have representation in the real estate industry, for the same reason it is in all other industries; representing real people and real stories. No two journeys are alike. It’s important that we continue to demonstrate that the world is filled with diversity, which is something to be celebrated and proud of. A client needs to trust their realtor and vice versa. Buying or selling a home can be an extremely emotional, challenging, and difficult task. You want to surround yourself with the right people during a pivotal time in your life such as this.

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What are some struggles you have faced as a LGBTQ+ realtor? What are some issues that LGBTQ+ future homeowners face? 

I have had my fair share of challenges within real estate. Not everyone is understanding or accepting, and that’s something I have had to deal with a lot during my life. People can judge you or turn you away. What’s important is to focus on the positive and to not get too wrapped up in that negativity. Why would you even want to live in the home of or work with somebody who doesn’t fully accept or celebrate you? This is an important message to apply in all walks of life. 

How would the Equality Act being passed help this industry?

The Equality Act being passed will help this industry because it is something tangible that we can reference and look back on. I think all industries benefit from these acts being passed, not just real estate. We continue to see progress as a society and it gives us something to celebrate.

What helped you succeed? What would you like to say to future LGBTQ+ home buyers and realtors? 

Keeping myself motivated and constantly pushing myself really helped me succeed. I was also able to navigate the industry from a very young age, with the support of my close friends and family. I would tell future home buyers and realtors to apply your everyday outlook into this industry. Whether you’re finding a house for you or for someone else, stay true to yourself, trust your instincts, and do what makes you happy.

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What tips do you have for first time homebuyers?

Find an agent that you can trust, not every house is going to be perfect, have patience, and trust the process!

Why is finding the right mortgage company important when buying a house?

Finding the right mortgage company is important because it is a crucial part of your journey. You are going to want to feel comfortable throughout the entire process and feel confident that you are being taken care of.

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