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The Company Making Homebuying More Equitable

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Owning your own home has long been considered the American dream, but decades of bad housing policies, redlining, and other forms of discrimination have made homeownership an inequitable process. 

For people living in underserved communities, there tend to be few (if any) options to turn to when seeking a home loan, and so they’ll often go with whatever lender is the most convenient. In the past, that’s led to bad loan rates and predatory lending practices.

“You often are stuck with the only lenders you can find, and they can be bad actors,” said Jason van den Brand, Reali’s chief lending officer. “How do you get to a point where everyone gets a fair shake?”

Lower Rates. Faster Closings. Happier Homeowners. is making real estate more equitable by offering digital tools that help throughout the entire journey of homeownership — from buying to refinancing to selling and more.

“Those are our core services, and we have combined all those disciplines under one roof,” van den Brand said. “And ultimately, that helps provide a seamless process that addresses all the common pain points across all of those different businesses.”

Effective lending

You can also get a quote for a home loan in just a few simple steps, making it easy to shop and compare interest rates, and ensure you’re getting the best loan available.

“We want to empower our borrowers to understand their options,” van den Brand said. “That information — it’s the power you need to make an informed decision, and it’s all right at your fingertips; it’s all on your phone.”

The average Reali Loans customer saves $20,000 over the life of their loan versus our competitors. You should get in on that.

And because Reali is built on efficiency, the quote you get will usually come with a lower interest rate than whatever else is on the market. By working with Reali for real estate and loans, van den Brand said customers have the potential to save, on average, tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their loan.

“When you do this online, you’re judged only by the quality of your application, not the color of your skin, not by your race, or your age, or your sexual preference or gender identity,” he said. “That’s the real American dream.”

See how Reali’s online tools are reducing discrimination in home finance by visiting

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