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Manny the Frenchie’s Mom Shares Pet Care Tips for All Pups

Photo: Courtesy of Amber Chavez

How did Manny the Frenchie start? What do you think caused him to get so big?

We started Manny’s Instagram page as just a way to share photos with family and friends. After a while, we noticed people we didn’t​ know started following him too, and it just kept growing. We think that there were a lot of things that made him so popular. He’s very cute, so all of his pictures are adorable. He’s also always had this unique quality about him — he likes to sleep in the sink. His videos got lots of attention as well, especially the ones of him sleeping in the sink or “Frenchie talking”. 

How do you ensure that you will have a safe trip traveling with Manny?

Luckily, Manny is very easy going when it comes to travel. He has travel bag that he jumps right into and has the best naps in. I always make sure he has light meal and goes out well before a flight and again right before we leave for the airport. He seems to know the routine and just loves being with us. We have yet to travel internationally, but hopefully we will soon.

What kind of precautions do you take and products do you use to make sure your trip goes seamlessly?

We do get asked if Manny is given any medication before trips; he’s not. He has always been very good in both cars and planes. I always make sure to pack his favorite snacks and toys. When we travel, he has his own little backpack with everything he needs. I always make sure to pack a “safety kit” just in case. It has wipes, wound cleaner and ointment, gauze, and cooling and/or heating packs. 

What advice do you have for anyone traveling with their pet this holiday season?

I would definitely not make your pet come along if they don’t do well travelling. I’d also recommend to make some trial runs if your pet is not use to travelling, especially in the car. For long trips, make sure you secure them in case of an accident. If you’re flying and your pet isn’t used to being in a bag or crate, I would leave it out at home and give lots of treats when they go in on their own. 

Obviously, everyone loves Manny. Do you ever have any meet ups with your fans?

We have events all the time where people can meet Manny. Sometimes we’ll share that we’ll be at a certain location for a while so fans can have a chance to stop by. It’s always fun when we run into fans randomly on a walk or at the airport. 

What has been your biggest takeaway in this whole adventure with Manny?

We find it so rewarding to be able to give back in lots of ways with Manny. We’ve raised so much for several amazing organizations, and we now have our own non-profit. It has always felt so good to have someone tell us that Manny has brightened their day in some way. We’ve been able to help lots of people and animals through this adventure, and we’re hoping we can continue to ​​do it for a long time. 

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