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Winter and Disaster Prep

How the Property Brothers Celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Photo: Courtesy of The Property Brothers

What would you say is the most overlooked aspect of winter home preparation?

Air leaks. Seals around doors and leaks from receptacles can substantially reduce the efficiency of your home. Weather-stripping and expanding foam insulation can be your best friend. Also, be sure to turn down your hot water tank to hot instead of extremely hot. You won’t notice a difference in the water temperature. And be sure to change the filter on your furnace for better air flow and efficiency.

What are your top tips on home winterizing?

Get a programmable thermostat and turn the heat down 10 degrees when you’re out and 5 degrees at night. This alone will cut your bill by 3 percent. Blow in attic insulation because most of the heat loss in your home happens through the ceiling. Use the curtains, as the second largest point for heat loss in the room are windows. If you have the budget, upgrade your windows.

For homeowners looking to spruce up their home this holiday season, what are some things that work well?

A simple fix is a new holiday doormat — it’s the first thing family and friends see when they arrive at your house, and it’s the perfect way to make sure they leave the snow and ice outside. Garlands — fresh or fake — really spruce up the inside of your home. Use them to adorn mantels, banisters, windows and more. Keep your dining room table set in all your fun holiday dinnerware throughout the season. The festive plates, holiday colors and special décor will really keep the family in the holiday spirit. Remake your bed — grab some fun, holiday-themed linens and pillows and remake your bed to be holiday cozy.

What do you both look forward to during the holiday season?

We have always enjoyed a big family Christmas together. We’re the house that by November 1… Christmas music is playing. Bing Crosby is hands down our favorite. Food, music and laughter are the key ingredients. Store bought presents and gifts have never been a big thing for us. We are more into experiences — spending time together and making gifts that mean something. When we were younger, it was not uncommon for us to create holiday scavenger hunts so that you had answer riddles to find your homemade gift. 

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